About Us

We were established in 1996 as a development agency with a big dream. Today, we are a specialized, focused team of Gate6’ers who produce groundbreaking videos that wow our clients. Our global workforce in Scottsdale and Indore, India provides diverse resources who work round-the-clock. That means you get a wide variety of perspectives on your project and wicked fast turnaround times.

At Gate6, we approach every project with our Anything Is Possible mindset. By merging our killer ideas with brilliant execution, we milk the digital world for all it’s worth. Our team is ready for whatever you can dish up. We’re excited, we’re driven and we’re ready to help you get real results.

Need an attention-getting video? We gotcha covered. Need to build awareness? We are all over it. Whether it’s a how-to video or a corporate announcement, we make it happen through boundless creativity and technical know-how.